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About Dorcas Iraq

We are Dorcas. We stand for justice and peace. We are inspired by the potential that lies within every human being. When we look at the world we see unique people everywhere, in all kinds of circumstances. Vulnerable, yet strong. We know that every man and woman has not had the same opportunities in life.
That is why we go where the going is tough. Striving for deliverance where lives are threatened. Creating opportunities where hope seems lost. Offering new visions of the future where there is only the ever-suffocating present. Lifting up those who have stumbled. Giving hope to the poorest of the poor. We see those who have not been seen.
Our work extends far beyond the borders of our base in the Netherlands. We are present wherever we are needed. Wherever there is need. Never fleetingly, always with an aim towards lasting change. As a powerful force to touch the lives that touch us. Our work is as simple and profound as a hand on a shoulder, as eye-to-eye contact.
We are Dorcas. A powerful and effective combination of staff and volunteers in the Netherlands and abroad. Employing our talents with passion, in a spirit of equality. From the volunteers in our shops to our bookkeepers and from our workers in Eastern Europe to those in Africa and the Middle East. Together we make Dorcas work.
Together is a key word for us. Our many colleagues and international, national, and local partners are vital to our work. The same goes for everyone who supports us. Dorcas simply would not exist without their prayers, donations and efforts. The work could not be done.
We connect people to those in need, offering help daily. Consequently, Dorcas is a fundamental part of something far greater. Something that strives to break the chain of poverty and inequality. The chain of chaos and injustice. As long as this chain exists, Dorcas will work to break it.
We are Dorcas. We believe in God. We believe in the people God has made.

It’s in the name

The name Dorcas is not chosen randomly. It refers to the work and life of a lady called Dorcas. Her deeds and good works are described in Acts and serve as inspiration for Dorcas colleagues worldwide.

More information about Dorcas can be found on the website of Dorcas Aid International.